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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Review - FROZEN NOTES by Fay Lamb

I am so very proud to call this author "Friend" that I tend to brag a little. She's so incredibly talented--if I'm ever half the writer she is, I will count myself doubly blessed. She writes romantic suspense like no one else. Every book she writes, I swear, is better than the one before!

Take this book: it starts out with a bang. Literally. Two dead bodies and one horrified woman in the first paragraph. Lyric Carter's husband had killed her best friend and then himself. Actually, Braedon had aimed the gun at her, but Matthew had thrown himself into the path of the bullet.

She'd married Braedon Carter because his brother Balaam had left her and her unborn child for a singing career. Braedon had sworn he loved her and that he would raise her child as his own, but that vow had only come between them. He knew she still loved Balaam even though she never spoke of him.

Balaam, meanwhile, had been throwing his life away, bathing in the adoration of fans and drowning in all the liquor and drugs he could consume before passing out. In the hospital after an overdose, Balaam forsakes the career and drugs that owned him and goes into rehab.

Daniel is the local sheriff and the man who stepped in as father to Lyric, her brother Quinn, Matthew, Braedon, and Brandon. Daniel had taken them fishing, to church, and to task when they stepped outside the bounds.

Magda Moxley is Lyric's mother and betrayer. She'd do almost anything for the drugs and alcohol that Jessup Roy provided, and she's the one who fed Braedon the lie that sent him home with a gun.

Oh, the tangled webs. How can this despair be repaired? It's just too ugly.

But maybe, if you just get the book.... I noticed it's free on Amazon if you have Kindle Unlimited. Not listed yet on Barnes and Noble, but it will probably be there soon. Fay Lamb is donating all of her royalties from all of her books (not just this one) to hurricane victims through Samaritan's Purse. I'm not sure for how long, but at least for a time.

Thank you to Fay who gave me a free copy of the book. However, the opinions and evaluations expressed are my own.
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