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Books: Sonrise in Sweetland

The Short Engagement, Volume One of Sonrise in SweetlandWill Smith has foot-in-mouth disease. He asks Carlie Parsons to marry him. Then right after she says yes, their happy glow is obliterated by a bitter argument. Engagement off. Stubborn pride stands glowering between them, and it could take an act of God to reconcile them. 

Amazon e-book Link: A-Short Engagement

The Short Engagement, Volume One of Sonrise in Sweetland Audio Book

Publisher Link: HHP-Short Engagement

Sonrise in Sweetland - Sleepy little Sweetland is getting ready for Easter, and the excitement of the preparations and distractions are enough to provide a little craziness for your humdrum days. 
• Will and Carlie split up within minutes of getting engaged. 
• Celia deals with her large family scattered hither and yon, a sudden critical illness, and concern for a foster child with PTSD. 
• Rozene wonders what ever happened to all the spare time she used to have before marrying Mike and adopting four teenagers. 
• Nathan grumbles over losing his inheritance, leaving college to take on a menial job as an orderly at the hospital, and his family—or lack thereof. 
• And Mary Ellen worries that her five active children will prove too much for the elderly and aristocratic Virginia Dansforth Livingston Thompson, especially when an enemy of Virginia causes the angst to rise. 

Amazon Link: A-Sonrise
Publisher Link: HHP-Sonrise

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