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Friday, June 26, 2015

Book Review - WEST LINE ENCOUNTER by Marta Burden

This book is going to be especially enjoyed by people who love books about modern-day miracles. Marta Burden (the one I interviewed yesterday on this blog) is new to the published author bunch, but she's definitely no slacker!

Seth Haberman introduced himself to a total stranger on the West Line Metra, something he had never done before, but there was just something about this man, Joshua Josephson. They struck up a conversation, and before Seth knew what he was doing, he'd invited this stranger to have dinner with them--something Seth's wife Rivka would no doubt give him one of "those looks" about.

But that's not all. He invited Mr. Josephson to spend the night, then the week. Introduced him to the rabbi. Discussions flourished. Introspection encouraged. What was happening, for heaven's sake?

You can find out by going to the publisher's website or Amazon. Promise: you won't be sorry!

(I received this book (pre-edited) free of charge in return for an honest review)

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