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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review - HOCKEY SANTA by Sue Badeau

The assignment for this series was to write a story about a character from previous Sweetland stories. That character was to relate a memorable Christmas from their youth. Well, in this case it's Homer Evers, father of six, remembering back to a special Christmas when he'd been in elementary school.

His family had been poor. Santa didn't always make it to his house, and it appeared he wouldn't that year either. Pops had lost his job, and what money they'd had he'd spent on liquor.

Homer's sister Lainey had a plan to get presents for everyone in the family for Christmas from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog. She and he had to come up with the money before the order arrived from the store. She babysat, and he helped his big brother with a paper route. Sometimes when they collected for the papers, people would hand Homer a tip.

Homer and his brother rode double on Roy's bike. One day, he came up with an extra bike he'd been loaned, and he told Homer to run the route for him. Then Roy took off in the direction of the rich section of town.

Homer loved to play hockey, and so did Roy. Both of them were on the hockey teams at their schools. Sometimes Homer's hands and feet were numb before practice was over, but he was the fastest guy on the team. Homer's school had a big game coming up, so practice was important.

Hm. Lots of little miscellaneous tidbits. How in the world will Sue Badeau tie all these bits and buttons together to create a story? Well, knowing Sue, it will happen in a glorious fashion. Pick up this short story from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for only 99 cents.

I received a free copy of the story in return for editing and posting an honest review.

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