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Books: Christmases Past

Lawrence's Christmas, Volume Two of Christmases Past - On December 7, 1941, things are peaceful in Challis, Idaho. Even though a war wages continents away, it hasn’t really touched this small farming community. The Baxter family prepares for Christmas: Miriam sews dresses for her daughters; Betty, Wilma, and Mildred practice for the church Christmas play; Howard and Evelyn struggle to overcome the woe of a baby lost just two months before while Helen and Ernest eagerly anticipate the birth of theirs; and Lawrence anticipates a visit home during Christmas break. 
When the news of Pearl Harbor breaks, everything changes. Lawrence signs up to join the army the next day. Ernest and Howard also plan to, much to the family’s dismay. Betty, a senior in high school, wonders if her plans to go to college and become a teacher will evaporate. Wilma and Mildred hope Christmas won’t be cancelled. So does their mother, Miriam. Arthur just struggles as a carpenter to keep his family fed and housed. 
All of them have one central goal: To make this a memorable Christmas for Lawrence. 

Christmases Past - The complete series: Do you ever daydream about what Christmases long ago might have been like? Do you find yourself remembering your childhood and joys of the holidays? In this collection, some stories involve the writers’ families (with a bit of imagination thrown in), and some are entirely fictional. All take place in the historical past and envision what might have happened if ….

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