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Upcoming Events

Every once in a while, I pry myself out of the chair and do a booksigning or a workshop or both. This page is dedicated to the proposition that even I can break the tie to the laptop and do something other than tiptoe across the keyboard.

Right now, I'm open to either one. I have recently cut the ties with a previous publisher who would not send the books I ordered or pay me royalties--in retribution, he removed my books from Amazon. I have a new and more reputable publisher who, I hope, will be republishing the books in the near future

Special events where I'm planning to have a booth (with at-cost (or below) prices at the following events):

  1. Christmas Craft Fair in Orland, CA, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving (every year)
  2. Christmas Craft Fair in Willows, CA, first Saturday in December (every year)
  3. Redding, CA,  Win-River Casino, March 2018

Hope to see you there, or maybe you could book me for a booksigning, interview, or a talk?
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