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Books: Summer in Sweetland

Mended by Mother's Day, Volume One of Summer in Sweetland - Add together one depressed widow, two squabbling siblings, one anxious daughter, and one hopeful suitor, and what do you get? One tangled mess that one hopes won’t explode when they get together for dinner. 

Amazon Link: A-Mended

Summer in Sweetland, Complete Series - The typical small town with the typical citizens facing the typical heartaches, challenges, and joys with one atypical difference: When God enters an equation, the end result is much, much more fulfilling. 
Featuring stories from: Kathi Macias, Anne Baxter Campbell, Diane Huff Pitts,Sue Badeau,Peggy Blann Phifer,Karen Kosman,Karen Gass,and Linda Gilden.
Amazon Link: A-Summer in Sweetland

Publisher Link: HHP-Summer in Sweetland

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