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Books: "Tis the Season in Sweetland

A Late Thanksgiving, Volume Six of 'Tis the Season in Sweetland - Will Smith, fine upstanding citizen of Sweetland and high school teacher, has a bone to pick with that bullying womanizer, Pete Springer. The man should know better to pick on his sister’s best friend, Carrie Parsons. Will is determined to find what the bully did to make this sweet young woman cry. 
Pete should be taught a lesson. Will tells his mother and Carrie he might be just the one to get that task accomplished. Several witnesses can testify of his animosity toward Pete—like a pregnant girl and a bar full of people who see the fight between them. 
When Pete is involved in a traffic accident, Will is arrested, accused by the victim of running him off the road. When Pete dies, Will is in such deep trouble he might never get out. 

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'Tis the Season in Sweetland - Did you fall in love with the Sweetland characters in their summer escapades? We did, so they’re back, telling you their Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s stories with faith and hope. We have love stories, mysteries, and heartwarmers. There are trials, persecutions, and brain wrackers. In here you’ll find those holiday miracles—and recipes!—we all love.

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