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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review - Colony Zero by Mark Venturini and others

By Mark Venturini, Tracy Krauss, Travis Perry, Mark Carver, Grace Yee, Shannon Laws, and Lisa Godfrees.

As with any series written by several authors, I enjoyed some parts of this book more than others--but I did enjoy it. I think you will find it well worth the small cost.

Colony Zero paints a picture of what I think our life might have been like if Hitler had won World War II--although that's just my surmise, not the authors' view. In the 2800s, Earthers have tried to scrub the world of people who are less than perfect in any way. In their "merciful" way, they've taken all these imperfect people--diseased, physically incapacitated, criminals, Christians--all of them, to a small planet of a dwarf star where they will probably die of starvation or lack of oxygen within a few days or weeks, at the most.

Their plan backfire. The colonists have discovered a way to live and even thrive, thanks to large economy-sized worms that eat the rocks and leave light-shedding crystals and oxygen in the tunnels they create. Thus far, the worms have been non-threatening, but suddenly they have begun attacking the people they encounter. What's happening? The thousands of refugees are about to find out.

All of you futuristic sci-fi fans out there--I think you'll love this.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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