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Books: Adventures of Maybe

Everybody Needs a Name, The Adventures of Maybe Book 1 - Maybe was a real kitten born in September of 1998. He was active and adventurous, destined to become famous, and this book is his ticket to notoriety. Once he found out people were not enemies, the once-feral kitten lapped up affection like a hungry cat laps up cream. This series of books, beginning with "Everybody Needs a Name," will introduce you to a kitten who put more into life in nine months than most cats could in 20 years!

Amazon Link: Everybody Needs a Name

Maybe Wins, The Adventures of Maybe Book 2Maybe was a real kitten who lived in Anne's household.  He was a feral kitten who showed up on she and her husband's front porch one afternoon, and he quickly found his way into their hearts as well.  Maybe seemed to be blessed with more personality than a dozen such kittens.
The Maybe's Adventure series began with "Everybody Needs a Name," the story of how he came by his unique name, and this book, "Maybe Wins!" describes how he wormed his way right into a home of his own.

Amazon Link: Maybe Wins

In the first book, Tillie the Terrible Toy Fox Terrier chases the kitten up a tree, whereupon he falls into the new family's yard. Maybe and his two new friends, Molly and Morris, have no reason to trust the hyper-active dog--but she lives with the same family. Somehow, a truce must be struck!

I sincerely hope you will buy this little book for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, and enemies (okay, perhaps not them). It's available from Amazon. Age level is anywhere from three to ten.

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