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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book Review: THE MESSIAH'S SIGN by Amber Schamel

Historical novels, particularly Biblical novels, play an important part in life. They can be the ticket to the train that will take a person to the Savior. I hope The Messiah's Sign (the second book in The Days of Messiah series) by Amber Schamel will also serve that purpose!

Tyrus is a man haunted by a tragic memory. His little sister had died in a fire. Tyrus had been so close to rescuing her, but the burning house had collapsed on her just before he reached her. Now as a grown man he is besieged by nightmares of that awful night.

One night he has a different dream of her. Instead of crying out to him in terror, instead she led him to a place where his wife Aaliyah, crumbled in a corner, sobbed. Tyrus assumes the worst, that this is a sign his wife has been unfaithful to him.

His suspicion colors his attitude toward his pretty wife. When he sees one morning that she's developed leprosy, he understands. She's been punished by God for adultery. He kicks her out of the house. She begs to see their little son, but Tyrus refuses.

Until Jesus comes on the scene.

The tapestry of the first century weaves throughout the novel, and I think you'll like the story. It's available on Amazon.
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