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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book Review - EXILE by Rachel Starr Thomson

Inspirational Suspense--sorta fantasy, or not. Very, very tense, this is a book difficult to impossible to put down. This is first of eight novels in The Oneness Cycle.

Chris is the son of a reluctant Oneness member, Diane; and Tyler, his best friend, had in most respects been adopted by her. Chris and Tyler do everything together--fishing, fighting, and rescuing a drowning girl.

Reese is that girl. She had deliberately jumped off that cliff, but apparently the One wasn't done with her yet. Her cell leader had exiled her--which was impossible. One couldn't be exiled from the Oneness.

She's different--apparently a warrior, because when a demon attacks her a sword appears in her hand. An exile shouldn't be able to do that, but she feels so ... so alone. Not at one with the rest of her cell anymore. She can't feel them.

Chris and Tyler don't believe in the existence such a thing as demons, at least until they see them. Diane does. So do Mary, the leader of the local cell, along with Richard and April. But April has disappeared, and they can't find her.

Warning--if you read this novel (and I hope you will), you could be hooked. The ebook version of Exile is free, but numbers two through eight aren't. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

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