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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Ane Mulligan is one enthralling writer. The previous three books I read by her were comedic stories about a warm-hearted klutz in chapel springs. This book is way different, a contemporary romance with tension interwoven. Although Ane (pronounced Ann) obviously couldn't resist sticking a sprig or two of humor in between the tightly knit rows.

Sienna O'Shea is a young woman working her way up. She graduated from a junior lobbyist working for a friend-of-the family congressman in DC to legislative affairs director in New York's capital building in Albany. Working for the Conservative Family Coalition, no less.

She gains an instantaneous fame when she puts the kibosh on Judge Leone's appointment to the Supreme Court. One of her new admirers is the amazingly handsome Reese Van Daal, an up-and-coming politician with an eye on the presidency in a few years. He's a shoe-in for lieutenant governor of New York, and he sees Sienna as the perfect first lady.

He might not think that if he knew she was diligently searching for her birth mother. In fact, he's working on getting New York to pass a new law banning any contact information released to birth mothers or adoptive children. Or anyone.

And then there's Matt Dressler, life-long friend, investigative reporter. Matt is investigating...

Oops! I don't want to tell you that! It would spoil everything. Go get the book from Amazon. You know you want it.
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