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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review - COMING DAY by Rachel Starr Thomson

I read the first two of this Christian Science Fiction series (the Seventh World Trilogy) for free and this one I actually had to buy. Me being a cheapskate should tell you that I thought it would be worth the price--and it was.

If you read the two previous reviews of the two previous books (or read the books) (Worlds Unseen and Burning Light), you will remember some of the characters were gifted. Maggie was gifted with songs that foretold, comforted, and healed; Virginia was blind most of the time but had extraordinary visions; the Ploughman had the gift of being able to call on angelic warriors when needed; Miracle could bring healing even to the worst wounded; Nicolas, the one with the fire eyes; and Kieran, the boy in whose footsteps plants grew. The prophesy said when the six were woven together something great would happen. The six were scattered from here to yonder, some captured by the evil ones and in danger of life and limb. The Blackness sought to capture all of them and grab their power.

Talking about being woven together, this book is something else. You need to grab it and read, read, read. Some truly inspired writing here! Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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