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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book Review - SPY OF RICHMOND by Jocelyn Green

This action-filled story of a young woman involved in intrigue in war-torn Richmond, Virginia, is the fourth in the Heroines Behind the Lines series. It seems like each one is a little more tense than the one before!

The young woman in question is Sophie Kent. Despite the fact that she was born and raised in the south, she hates slavery. It had been her plan to free Daphne--her mother's will gave her the slave--but before her mother's death, Sophie's father, now a prisoner of the Yankees, had had the will changed. Daphne and the others were hers, all right, but the new codicil in the will says she can't free them.

If the north won the war, though, all the slaves would be free. Meanwhile, what could she do? Why, she could serve the needy in that prison with all the Union soldiers. She and Daphne could take food over for the white and black prisoners. Except that starts the rumors running about her being a northern sympathiser--not a healthy position in the South's capital.

Fortunately (?), Lawrence Russel, a captain in the Southern army takes an interest in her. He helps her arrange to hold soirees in her mansion, inviting several of the officers and citizens of the town. But not before someone nails a warning on her house about what will happen to Yankee lovers.

Captain Russel would like to be much more than a decoy for her. He's just a little too friendly for a young lady who's remembering a certain Yankee reporter. But what can she do? He's the source of information she feeds to the Yankee troops, and the only reason she hasn't been hung as a traitor. She also lives in fear that someone will discover the hideaway in back of the wall in one of the upstairs bedrooms where the underground railroad takes people to freedom behind the enemy lines.

How long can she keep up this masquerade?

You might want to pick up a copy. I certainly hope so. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book Distributors, Deeper Shopping, Family Christian Stores, Booksamillion, and Fiction Finder.
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