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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review - SET FREE by Sue Badeau

I love Sue Badeau's writing, don't you? This lady knows how to put a story together. Never mind my name at the top of the cover--I may have edited what little was needed, but Sue put this delightful short story together.

Remember Celia and Homer Evers and their family from Sue's last Sweetland story, Umoja? Well, just in case you didn't read it, Celia is a social worker at the DSS and Homer is the cook at Deanie's Diner and Bakery in Sweetland. They have six kids, all of them adopted.

In this story, the year is drawing close to Easter, a holiday that's always been a big deal in the Evers family. This year the oldest daughter, Jackie, is in college and on the track team. The team has been asked to stay close to the Bethel-Morgan College campus so that they can practice and have their first meet--so Jackie won't be home for Easter.

Then the second child, Billy, has the opportunity with some others to attend a leadership conference in Washington, DC, and Homer volunteers to help chaperone. They're leaving before Easter and won't be back until after.

And the youngest, Sammy, who has never been in good health, has seizures at school and is taken to the hospital, and Celia is spending every minute she can with the poor little guy.

Is anyone in the Evers family going to be able to go to the Sunrise Services at the city park?

What else can go wrong? You might want to grab this story so that you can find out the end. Set Free is only 99 cents and available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Books.
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