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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Sermonette - That Last Straw

Our Bible Study last Sunday included a story about two guys who disagreed with the church's decision to add a wing in log. The "good" guy disagreed, but still pitched in to build the log extension. The other guy voted against it, refused to help, and continued to complain about the "stupid" decision.

Mike is the one in our group who looks deeper than the surface. He said he thought the matter went a lot further than what was available in the booklet. He's the one who raised the question. What if there was more to the story? The "bad" guy worried that the logs would need frequent care and that he would have to spend his Saturdays treating the wood.

Mike wondered if the guy was the unsung hero in the church who was constantly keeping things in working order behind the scenes. He thought the problem was a matter of letting the guy know he and his opinion were appreciated--saying thanks for all he had done around the church over the years.

It occurred to me that our church is the same way--we have our share of unsung heroes. I'll bet you do too. The person who waters the lawn (or makes sure the sprinklers are working), mows the lawn, or weeds the flowerbeds. The one who plays the piano, visits the homebound, sends out birthday cards, cleans those ceiling fans...there are hundreds of small and big things that get done while no one is watching. It really doesn't matter if it's a paid position--everyone likes to know what they do is appreciated. Saying thanks isn't that time consuming, and it can go a long way toward mending tattered fences. What would you think about instituting an "unsung hero" award in your church? In your family?

Lord, we're fairly constant in giving You thanks--but not so much in thanking those around us who do so much unacknowledged work. Help us to remember more often to say thanks. Amen.
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