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Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review - THE HIDDEN SONG by Diane Huff Pitts

As this book says in the very first paragraph. "Some experiences stay with us for a lifetime. Others we long to forget but cannot." I would add that some Christmas stories stick with us for a lifetime too, and this is one that might for me.

Sometimes the greatest load a parent can place on a child is the one of amazing potential, tremendous talent that must be cultivated. Such was the life of Melody Spencer. As a toddler, her talent and love for music is recognized. As she grows, it seems there's no pleasing her mother--nothing she does is quite good enough, although she tries hard--very, very hard.

But because there's no pleasing her mother, she's sure there's also no pleasing God, but she must, must keep trying to be perfect.

This heartwarming story is available for only 99 cents at Amazon!

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