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Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Morning Devo - Families = Thanksgiving

I'm at my happiest when my family is around. This is most of them (taken a few years ago), but not all of them. It seems it gets harder and harder to round them all up every year. A baby is almost due, too many miles and not enough money, work. I'm greedy; I want them all here!

It's always been that way in this family--we love being together, and we are filled with gratitude when it happens.

I know it's not that way with everyone, and my heart aches for the absence of love in those who aren't so blessed. They miss so much.

Thanksgiving should maybe also be a time of forgiveness. Past hurts only hurt as long as you hang onto them. So little breath and muscles are needed to say "I'm sorry."

Maybe the fault for the split wasn't yours. Maybe the other deserves your anger. Maybe it's become easier over the years to just not speak to each other or even be around each other. But maybe...just might be a bigger blessing to forgive and start new.

That's my prayer for you: that you will be restored to the joy of families thanking God for being together.

Father, please help us. Where there is hatred, may we sow peace. Where there is no love lost, may we find love to fill the gap. Where forgiveness is hard to give, may our hearts expand to include those left out. Thank You for giving us the perfect example. Amen.
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