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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Review - THE PERFECT BLEND by Deanne Durrett

I like to read Deanne Durrett's books--she writes contemporary Christian romances with a teensy bit of a twisty mystery in them and just enough tension to keep you guessing. The version I read had some typos in it, but Deanne assured me all that I have sent her will be fixed.

Now to the book: Widow Marie Springfield is a successful entrepreneur with everything she wants except for a husband and children. Her husband died several years ago before they had any children. Now she longs for a man in her life and a baby to snuggle.

First, a man shows up--Slade Turner, the guy who will be best man at her best friend Becca's wedding. Very attractive, and apparently very nice.

Then a young woman happens into her life--a pregnant 18-year-old, Chloe North aged out of the foster care system. Marie takes the girl into her own home both to hide from the father's political family and to give her a safe place to live.

Did God bring a baby and a man into her life? Unfortunately, it begins to become obvious Marie will have to choose between the possibility of adopting the baby or having Slade in her life--who has found his way solidly into her heart. Now what?

The Perfect Blend is available on Amazon.

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