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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review - PLAYING BY HEART by Anne Mateer

Anne Mateer is an accomplished author with a proven track record, and this wonderful romance is further proof that this woman can write!

Lula Bowman is a young woman with a vision of fulfilling her disabled father's dream: to have one of his children get a PhD. After graduating from college, she'd won the prestigious Donally Mathematics Award, and with it the chance to continue her education. At last, a chance to dump the hated nickname earned as a young girl of "Fruity Lu."

And then the ax dropped on her plans. Her sister Jewel's young husband suddenly dies, leaving her with three children, pregnant, and without means of support. The other siblings determine only one who can help her is Fruity Lu.

Chet Vaughn has a number of challenges himself. He is certain God wants him to stay with his mother rather than follow his brother into the military and fight in the Great War. His mother considers him a coward, unwilling to fight, just like his father who ran away from his military duties in the previous war.

He's a math teacher and the boy's basketball coach at the local high school. Currently, they play at the town hall. He fights verbal battles with the local farmer who doesn't want his son Blaze to play basketball, and he has to convince the local school board to build a decent gymnasium for the team.

You know what's going to happen: College-minded girl meets basketball coach. But how do they get past the hurdles you know will be there? The only way you'll find out is to buy a copy of the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Christian Book Distributors.

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