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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Review - UNSEEN by Diane Huff Pitts (One Free Book)

Hooray! The first of the Sweetland winter series, Unseen, has been released! I'm excited about the event (as if you couldn't tell), and this little Christmas story is tense, tragic, and heartwarming--a great start for this great series!

The McKenzies have built the house they've always dreamed of, one where they can proudly entertain their friends and family. Or at least it's the one Mary Ellen McKenzie had always wanted. And the one Rob McKenzie had worked long hours to earn enough to build. Long hours spent away from his family, something he'd really like to remedy, but not at the cost of his wife going back to college to get a nursing degree so she can go to work. Mary Ellen fears that, if anything should happen to Rob, she and the children would no longer be able to afford this house or the niceties they now enjoy.

"Things" have always been a bone of contention between Mary Ellen and Rob. Mary Ellen wants more, and Rob just wants his family around him. When will it be enough?

We're giving away one free e-book to a commenter on this blog, but it's also available at Amazon for only 99 cents. You can't even buy a cup of coffee for that any more.

If you leave an email to be entered to win, do it by September 29, and confuse as many hackers and spammers as possible by putting your email in this format: anneb1944 at aol dot com.
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