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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Review - THE HEART REMEMBERS by Michele Huey (1 free book)

You know, I'm not a huge fan of Vietnam war stories (Maybe because they hit too close to home), but I agreed to read and review this (if I liked it) because I love the lady who wrote it. (By the way--I got the book for free, but with no stipulation to write a positive review.) I hadn't gotten far into it before I was gulping back my astonishment at the quality of writing and the emotional contact of the story.  I found myself sinking into the events, remembering the tales related by my friends, seeing and feeling what the characters saw and felt. Wow. Just "wow." On a scale of one to five, I'd give it a six!

Evangeline (Vangie) Martin met and married Seth Martin in Vietnam. Vangie was a nurse, Seth a helicopter pilot well known for going into too many bad situations to rescue hundreds of soldiers. The law of averages catches up, and two months after they marry Captain Martin is missing and presumed dead, even though his body is never found.

For forty years, Vangie insists that the War Department maintain his status as missing, but now she's wanting to go to her fortieth class reunion and maybe reconnect with an old high school sweetheart. The time has come to let go.

But at the reunion, her high school sweetheart's resort has a caretaker who has just the right shade of blue eyes, he's just an inch or two shorter than the same height, and he meets her with exactly the same phrase Seth had forty years before. Could it be possible?

This absolutely amazing book is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I highly recommend it. Oh--and Michele said she'd be willing to give one copy to a commenter here, so leave your comment by September 30 in this format: anneb1944 at aol dot com.
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