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Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Morning Devo - The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like... Part 10

This passage is too long to paste here, so if you right-click on the following link and choose "Open in Tab," you will have a new window to read the passage of Matthew 20:1-16.:

If you don't right-click, I think you will replace this window instead.

For the above passage, this is the longer parable shortened considerably. This landowner hires some men in the morning to work in his vineyard, promising them one denarius--the amount of money paid to a laborer for one day's work (sorta like minimum wage). He goes out again at around noon and hires a few more, also offering those men a denarius apiece; same thing mid-afternoon and again an hour before quitting time. At the end of the day when they guys began to get paid, they all got the same amount.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would say this is totally unfair--but this is talking about the Lord and the kingdom of heaven. Remember the thief who repented just hours before he died on the cross?

So--what about people who have been faithful in the church and to God forever, and the ones who come in at the last minute, inches from death? Do they deserve to go to the same mansion in heaven?

According to this parable they will. In fact, they'll go into the mansion first. Get their choice of rooms before those who have been faithful from the beginning.

Maybe look at it this way. You've had years with God, knowing His love and receiving His blessings. The last-minute-Minnie did not.

It all equals out. And anyhow--after a millenium or two, what will eighty years look like? A flash of sheet lightning...

By the way? If you haven't yet asked Jesus to come into your life? Don't stand outside in any thunderstorms. Or go skydiving. Or mountain climbing. Or go driving across town. Ya just never know when that last minute might be.

Lord: May all of us--the last-minute-Minnie (or Mannie) and the ones who have been with you since almost day 1--may we all rejoice in each other with the same enthusiasm that You do! Amen.

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