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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Author/Coach/Talk Show Host Interview--Stacy L. Harp

Anne: My interview today is with my friend and business associate, Stacy L. Harp. Stacy and her husband of twenty years, Randall, who together provide a variety of services. Among these are two popular blog radio programs/podcasts: Monday through Friday, 2 pm Central, On the Wall Radio; and on Sunday at 3 pm Central, Coaching with Heart Live. Stacy has authored a short e-book, Five Succesful Ways to Stay Depressed, and Randall authored a devotional, Illumine Me (my review of the devotional HERE). In addition, Stacy has a free MP3 How to Get Your Needs Met.

Stacy and Randall are offering an online Bible Study, beginning Thursday, June 19, at 7 pm Central, using the book entitled Uprooting Anger by Kay W. Camenisch.

So, Stacy, about this study: Why did you decide to offer an online Bible study?

Stacy: Anne, thank you for taking the time to interview me. I am honored!

I decided to offer an online bible study because every week on my daily radio program, On the Wall Radio, we've been doing a bible study on our Monday program. In the last few years we've studied over a dozen books and I've seen the thirst for simple, line upon line bible study. In fact, I was interviewing the author of this bible study and when I said, without thinking, "We should do this as a bible study together and anyone listening who would like to join me, let me know..." Before I knew it a few people responded and the bible study was born! LOL

Anne: And why a Bible study on anger?

Stacy: I decided on the subject of anger because anger is something that touches everyone. I was also impressed when I heard June Hunt, from Hope for the Heart, say after twenty-five years of doing radio counseling that anger is the number one topic callers deal with. That got my attention and felt it was a vital need people have to address.

Anne: Can you tell us about the writer of the book you're using?

Stacy: Yes, Kay W. Camenisch is a pastor's wife who struggled with her own anger while she saw her husband deal with his anger.  You can find out more about her and her husband at You can also buy the study book at this website.

Anne: Is there a "next" Bible study you are planning?

Stacy: Yes, but if I told you what it was, I'd have to shoot you. LOL... actually I am open to see how this first study goes and then see what might happen. I am currently working on my first bible study in the gospel of Mark, so we'll never knows where the Spirit may lead!

Anne: Now, about the coaching: What exactly is coaching, and why do you do it?

Stacy: Thank you for asking this. I am actually a clinically trained marriage and family therapist, and hold a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Development. It was my dream to be a marriage and family therapist for years. In fact, so much so, that it took me close to 15 years to earn my education and the 3000 clinical hours of internship. Then a horrible thing happened, the state of California passed a law that says that a licensed therapist cannot counsel anyone under 18 who wants help to deal with their same sex attraction. After many years of prayer and struggling over how unethical that is, I couldn't violate my conscience or the scriptures and get licensed. I believe that EVERYONE has a right to get help, and since homosexuality is completely changeable, I couldn't compromise my biblical beliefs, and what I know clinically about how to help someone who struggles with same sex attraction.

As a result, I decided to coach instead. The main difference, educationally, between coaching and doing therapy is not only the immense education you need to be a marriage and family therapist, but also the thousands of hours of internship. Coaching doesn't require much education and most coaching programs are certificate programs.

The other difference is that coaching generally helps a client look forward, while counseling helps a client look back and deal with root causes. Coaching is in the present, counseling utilizes the past.

Why I do coaching now is because I couldn't compromise my ethics and beliefs and get licensed to counsel. It was a very hard hit to me, but like Daniel in the Old Testament, I can't bow to the government agenda, while serving Christ.

Anne: What are your qualifications for being a coach?

Stacy: That depends on who you ask. Most coaches will tell you that I may not be qualified to coach because I'm not "certified" with any of the large coaching organizations. I am someone who has gone through numerous certificate programs with the AACC, including their program, Caring for People God's Way, and I have earned my undergraduate education in Human Development and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, both from two Christian universities. In my training I also worked over 3000 hours doing my internship in an elementary school setting, a college setting, a transitional living home for women and a few different churches. I have also gone through the tremendous work of Hope for the Heart with June Hunt and her Biblical counseling institute.

Anne: What type of coaching do you do?

Stacy: I love this question! I specialize in helping individuals get unstuck and move forward. Because of my background, I especially love helping people with their relationship issues, and also I specialize in dealing with anxiety, depression and communication.

I also do social media coaching and if someone needs help with understanding the media and how to work within the world of internet radio and with the press, I can do that. I also help with marketing.

Anne: What do you like best about coaching?

Stacy: What I like the best about coaching is seeing the person I'm working with achieve their goals. It's fun to watch the lightbulb go on and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful questions are. Coaches don't give advice, we ask great questions and when you see a client "get it," that's what I like the best.

Anne: Thank you so much for your time this morning, Stacy. I pray for your varied ministries, that God will infuse them with Himself, and I pray for you and Randall as you work for Him. God bless!
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