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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Devo--Parable of the Talents

This is a long passage, so I want you to find your favorite Bible translation and read Luke 19:11-24. The money is called by different things in differing translations. In the Greek, it is called a talent--a gold coin worth approximately thirty-three years of work for a common laborer.

So this nobleman gave one of his servants ten talents, one of them 5 talents, and one of them only one. The one with ten talents managed to turn the ten into twenty. The one with five doubled his too. The one with only one? He wrapped the coin in a napkin and hid it.

Now you know what it refers to when someone tells you you are hiding or burying your talent.

Jesus wanted to make a point. His face was set toward Jerusalem where He knew He would be crucified. Some of His followers thought the kingdom of heaven was about to be established on earth. Jesus knew they would be tested sorely over the following days, and He wanted them to be faithful with the gifts He was handing them.

Some time before, He had sent seventy of His disciples out to preach and heal, and they came back marveling at what they'd been able to do. Soon they wouldn't have Him directing and guiding them so overtly. Instead, they would have to remember and walk forward without being able to see Him, touch Him, talk to Him--at least not so easily.

How will you spend the time between now and Easter? Will you remember all you have been taught and spread the good news? Will you use the talent you've been given? Or will you hide it?

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit: help me remember all that You have done. Help me share the good news when I'm afraid. Give me Your own boldness to speak what You want me to. Bless me with Your presence. Fill my fingers and my mouth with Your words so that all I write and speak may be pleasing in your sight. Thank You, Lord.
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