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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book Review--PREACHER MAN - VOLUME 1 - THE DEVIL TO PAY by Murray Pura

Murray Pura is proving himself to be not only a prolific but also a dynamic writer, as evidenced by his high sales. This isn't normally the type of book I review, but I like Murray Pura, and I like his writing, so I bought it. I have to tell you, I agree with the premise--and I'm not going to tell you what that is. Read it and see if you draw the same conclusion.

This is Volume One of Preacher Man--The Devil to Pay. Special Agent Dirk Austen has to assume a new identity. He's too well known among certain bad guys. The new identity includes a new face and a new career as a Baptist minister in a smallish town in Montana, Diamondback.

Why is it that trouble follows some people? He hasn't been there long when dead bodies begin to point the finger at some devil worshipers. Reverend Jude Aaron Blackstone and some other pastors, priests, and a rabbi meet and discuss some recent deaths with disturbing similarities. The most recent is a catholic priest, and the sheriff wants to meet with the ministers.

Each of the three deaths have things in common. The head is twisted 180 degrees, the tongue is pulled halfway out of the victim's head, and a pentagram is inscribed on the tongue.

One after another, local ministers are found dead in like positions. Maybe it's time for Jude to solve the problem.

Murray Pura's latest can be found in print or ebook on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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