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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--Boldly Going...

Sometimes I admire my bolder friends. Me? I have never been bold. Foolhardy on occasion, yes; but bold? Not unless I had a snootfull. As in a bit tipsy. Which hasn't happened much in recent years. That kind of "boldness" is anything but attractive to the listener.

Boldness has its advantages. Speaking your mind is admirable if you have something admirable to say.

In order for people to ingest what you want them to, you might want to make it palatable or at least not poisonous.

I used to listen on occasion to Judge Judy. Now that is one bold woman. And I'm sure the ones not under fire enjoy everything she says. On the other hand, it seems the very ones she wants to change their behavior are the ones she may be turning off and tuning out.

On the other other hand--I think maybe the ones who volunteer to be on her program must be a trifle masochistic. They have to know she's going to hammer them publicly. Perhaps the best possible way to make people feel very, very defensive. Unless they happen to love being hammered. Ungh?

Think about how Jesus did it. Actually, at times Judge Judy sounds a bit like Him. Very direct toward people who needed to hear they weren't as wonderful as they considered themselves. The difference was that Jesus could look into their hearts and know what would hit where. Know what would turn and what would help. None of the rest of us have that ability.

So, boldly going where no one has gone you attack or encourage? Push or pull? Lift or loft?
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