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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Devo--The Empty Tomb

What happened after Jesus rose from his slab in the tomb? A number of things.

Maybe one of the first things was with the guards. Guard duty was taken very seriously. Normally, guards who fell asleep or weren't paying attention to their duty were killed. At a minimum they would spend a lot of time in prison. Yet the guards at the tomb were not punished. They said they had fallen asleep. Wha-at? And the tribune had no problem with that?

The temple rulers didn't have any intention of the rumor getting out that the Man they made sure got crucified was now alive. How much did it cost them to make sure the guards didn't talk or that the Roman army didn't put the guards to death?

And how much did they pay you to keep quiet about it?

Dear Lord, how can we keep from shouting "He is risen?" Praise God, You are risen indeed! Amen
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