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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review--LAND OF MY DREAMS by Norma Gail

As a debut novel, this one is wonderful. It grips your heart--whether it's the romance or whether it's the descriptions of Scotland.

Two people, reeling from hurt and disillusionment.

First Bonny Bryant's mother and then her father had died within months of each other, and immediately following, her fiance dumped her. She and her father had come up with a history curriculum before he had passed, and she had been offered a position at Fort William Christian College in Scotland.

Kieran MacDonell, who taught math at the same school, nursed a deep hurt of his own. His beloved wife, Bronwyn had died giving birth to their son, a storm preventing emergency help from getting to their remote farm. Their son also died.

Both Bonny and Kieran disillusioned by what they perceive as God's desertion of them when they needed Him most--what were they doing teaching at a Christian college? Despite their deep hurts and desires to avoid any romantic entanglements, they find themselves almost immediately attracted to each other.

What will happen if one of them rediscovers God and the other doesn't?

Land of My Dreams is available beginning today from Amazon.

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