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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Book Review--SECRETS OF GWENLA by Laurie Penner

This book is an allegory, and I loved it. It might have been written for the teen market, but I've found that a lot of books written for teens are right up my alley. Especially inspirational fiction--it leaves me feeling as though God fills life with hope.

Julyiah is a young woman earnestly seeking truth in a land where only the leaders can disburse the truth. However, their truth is stifling and more than a little bit frightening for anyone who opposes them.

Delwyn is her fiance, and he fears that Julyiah is going off the deep end with her questions and ideas. He prefers life to be safe and without complications. But he does love her. So...he listens.

Which could be dangerous.

Secrets of Gwenla can be purchased from Amazon in e-book or paperback.

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