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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holy Week--The Resurrection

From a guard's point of view.

It’s so dark out. No moon. Must be cloudy, because there’s not even a cloud. It’s been a long and boring night guarding the black edge of a black cave in a black garden, but it wouldn't be black much longer. The dawn had begun to blush in the east.

I don’t know what the centurion had in mind. There’s a stone across the opening the size of a city gate. It would take a few strong men to move it. And who were they guarding against? A few rag-tag disciples of this wandering Jew?

The high priest and the former high priest, Caiaphas and Ananias, insist the disciples will try to steal their Master’s body. Why? Who would care? Stupid Jews, the whole lot of them. Well, except for the lovely Ninah. And if it hadn’t been for this last-moment guard duty, I, Quintus, would be with her now. If only…

What’s that? A light behind the stone, rimming it with silver? Almost as though the sun were shining behind it.

No! That cannot be. Unless someone were in there, lighting a thousand lanterns. What’s that sound? Oh—that’s right, the clouds. It must be thunder. And, and lightning must have lit something behind that rock. Yes, that was it. Wasn’t it?

No! No! Stones don’t roll themselves! I have to be dreaming. The light—it’s blinding me! I can’t see! No—I can see, but what I’m seeing is not possible. Two large men—their robes shining white.

“Decius! Are you awake?”

“I can’t be. This isn’t possible.” Decius’s answering murmur shook.

“Tribune Rufus will not believe us.”

“It would be better to die fighting than to be crucified, Quintus. Draw your sword.”

“True. I’m right beside you.”

The sound of swords slipping from their sheaths has an ominous sound, one that usually makes strong men quake with fear, especially when the swords are carried by two such soldiers as we are, but the two men in white don’t even look disturbed. They’re smiling. One of them holds up a hand, palm toward us.

Paralyzed. I…can’t…move… Blackness is returning, all around me. I can see nothing but those two shining men with happy faces. And One Other. One Who looks like…looks like…the Man we crucified on Friday.

Could He really be the Son of God?
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