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Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Morning Devo--Beyond The Empty Tomb, Part 1

What happened after Jesus left the tomb? Last week, we talked about the guards who were supposed to prevent the disciples from stealing the body. To read that, click HERE.

What happened after the tomb was opened? Did Jesus wait for the angels to roll the stone away, or did they roll the the heavy stone away to show the tomb was empty?

I don't think it's all that important. What happened after the tomb was opened and discovered to be empty blows my mind.

Mary of Magdala (a sinful woman who was delivered by Jesus), Mary the mother of James (presumably the wife of Alphaeus), and Salome (the mother of James and John) went to the tomb with spices, intending to prepare his body for burial. There hadn't been time to do that between the time Jesus died on the cross and the time the Sabbath started (at sundown on Friday).

They arrive to find the tomb empty, the cloths that had been wrapped around Him laying flat on the slab where He'd been. The women assumed someone had taken His body somewhere else. I don't know where the other two women were when Mary Magdalene asked the guy she thought was the gardener where they had taken His body.

When He spoke her name..."Mary"...she knew. It was HIM! Their Lord! Her inconsolable sorrow of a few split seconds before became overwhelming joy! She turned and must have grabbed His arm or tried to hug Him, because He told her not to hold Him because He hadn't yet ascended to His father.

He told her to go tell the disciples. She did. But what did she know? She was only a woman. They didn't believe her.

Do you?

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