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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review--THE SUMMER'S DANCE by Diane Huff Pitts

I really loved this mystery/romance set in the small town of Sweetland. Diane Huff Pitts shows tremendous talent and promise in putting this short story together!

Virginia Danfield Livingston, private detective--well at one time anyway, lives in the historic family home of Sweetbriar outside of Sweetland. Her children have been trying to talk her into moving into The Breckenridge at Mount Laurel, an assisted living facility in town, but she puts her foot down firmly. She has lived here ever since marrying Mr. Livingston all those years ago. She will not go, and that's that. Except that while she firmly puts her foot down, she faints.

Some time later with her new pacemaker in place, she settles reluctantly into Breckenridge. She becomes acquainted with her new table mates in the dining room, among whom is a doctor from a neighboring town, also living there. Doctor Bernard Thompson. The ridiculous man insists on renaming her "Ginny," and Virginia is less than happy with that nickname.

Another table mate, Geraldine, has been noticing several things going missing at this upscale facility, and keeps track of them in her notebook. It's distressing for people to lose precious family heirlooms, but no one seems to have any answers.

So fortunate for the residents to have Ginny--oops, Virginia--there. She will solve this mystery. She hopes. And she will resist the charms of Bernie--oops, Bernard.

The Summer's Dance, Volume Two of the Summer in Sweetland series, is available at Amazon. It will also be available at Barnes and Noble in the near future.
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