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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--When Lilacs Bloom

Back where I grew up in Idaho, lilacs wouldn't be blooming for probably another month. It was an especially good year when we could put them on the graves on Memorial Day. I love the lilacs' sweet smell as well as their beauty.

I loved too that lilacs were easy to replant. They shoot up sprigs from around the parent bush. It's easy to dig them up and start new bushes wherever you want, within reason. Lilacs--like most other flowering bushes--need water.

Water is a precious commodity this year. Normally, Central California has abundant rain in the winter and no rain in the summer. This year we face the prospect of maybe letting part of our lawn and flowerbeds dry up and die. Sad, but when it's more important to grow crops, other things have to be placed on the back burner.

When water is scarce, tempers get hot. Fishermen want water for the fish. Cities want water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Some city folks use water to wash their driveways and fill up their pools. Farmers want water for the crops. Recreationists want water for boating, water skiing, and swimming.

It's time to get real. This time, folks, the crops and the people have to win. I hate to see the lake levels so low you can't go boating and the rivers as shallow as creeks, but that's life. It's part of the pattern. Draughts and overly wet years have been cycling since time immemorial. It's up to us to adapt and allow the earth its foibles instead of asking the world to adapt to us.

Sometimes we do that to God too--ask Him to make adjustments for us instead of us seeking His way and what is best for Him.

When we do seek Him and the way He wants us to go, when we praise Him no matter the circumstances, it's like blooming lilacs--sweet smelling and beautiful to His eyes.

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