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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Review--A Carol of Light by Marcy Weydmuller

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This is Volume Six of Kathi Macias's Twelve Days of Christmas. This one, called A Carol of Light is written by Marcie Wydemuller.

Kat's eighteenth birthday is proving more exciting than most. This night, she will reveal who she really is. For years, she has disguised herself as a boy, one of a troop of actors performing in a theater in San Francisco. This night, she again becomes a girl...or rather a young woman. She will wear a dress to the evening worship services.

She hopes that the young man who has been acting as their guard will become aware she is no longer a little girl.

She is finally free, but without Sam in her life she would not be whole. Where is he now that she is about to expose her secret?

A Carol of Light is available on Amazon and will soon be on Barnes and Noble and Kobo.
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