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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review--THE PAWNBROKER'S RING by Justina Prima

Here's another book I had the delight and privilege of helping to critique. Justina Prima may be an unknown writer, but trust me, this lady will go far. She has talent, and it's obvious from her debut novel, The Pawnbroker's Ring.

One ring links the lives of several people in 1830's Salem, Massechusetts. Old Zachariah found it in a bottle washed up on the shore. Eldon Canfield owns the local pawnshop, and Zachariah is able to get enough to buy a new suit of clothes and enough extra to help out a young man who really doesn't deserve it.

Eldon has loved Adela since before she married the ne'er-do-well who left her, heavy with child, to sail away and find a fortune eighteen years before. He never returned, and Adela raised Mendel to become a fine young man she could entrust to take over her ship supply store.

Mendel loves Eldon's daughter, Kesiah, but Adela thinks she's not worthy of her son.

In that Adela is in agreement with one of the local busy bodies. Mrs. Blackburn doesn't think her son Osman should be seeing that young servant girl, Jerusha.

Eldon sells the ring, and it begins its journey to the hand it was intended for. But how many fingers will wear it first?

The Pawnbroker's Ring is available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Oh--and Justina is offering a free book to ONE commenter who leaves their email below. NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED TO WIN!
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