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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review - TERRI by Sharon Srock, Book 2 in The Women of Valley View Series.

Sharon Srock has produced an inspirational love story. At least that's my ever-so-humble opinion. Take a look and see what you think.

Terri Hays runs a day care center, the most popular day care in Valley View, Oklahoma, at that. So why does she want the hassle of becoming a foster parent?

She's pushing thirty really hard, and she has no children of her own. No husband, and none on the horizon. Although she already has a wedding dress and a guy in mind--if Steve would only change his attitude about not wanting more kids. But he already has three daughters and a granddaughter, products of a failed marriage, and he seems to think raising kids is for young adults.

As a woman who loves children and longs for her own, this seems like a good solution, even knowing the children she'll be helping will only be hers on a temporary basis.

Little did she know (don't you hate that cliche'?) that the day she was approved, one frightened little girl would land in her lap that very night.

That evening Terri goes to a graduation party for her neighbor Steve Evan's daughter at the same time that a threatening, loud argument develops between a young father and mother. The police arrive, take the parents to jail, and take the three-year-old Kelsey to child protective services.

Which would be all right, but the plumbing in Terri's old house chooses that night to burst. It will take weeks to repair the damage. Steve has a downstairs apartment. A God-given solution, if you ask me, because it gives a chance for Steve and Terri to become better acquainted.

Ah, but the path of love runs every way but smooth, and it's beginning to look like Terri's old flame might ace out Steve.

To read the rest of the story... Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel--you know the drill. Click on the one you like best.
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