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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is my story - Following God's Lead

Almost two years ago, I paid a visit to my son's church in Ft. Jones, CA. Something had been weighing on my heart for a time. I'd been writing manuscripts for a Biblical fiction series, and although I'd been told several times the writing was good and the story seemed compelling, nothing was happening as far as finding a publisher.

Something else had been nibbling at the edge of my mind, too. I had begun reviewing books by Christian authors, treasuring the messages in the books, letting them draw me closer to God. I had also been in a Christian critique group for awhile, critiquing others and being critiqued, learning better writing habits and helping others learn. I almost felt like I had found my calling--not so much in being published but in supporting others.

Maybe this is what God wanted of me--supporting other Christian writers. So after church that day, several of the elders went to the front of the church to pray for petitioners. I went forward, and I asked for confirmation of what I'd been wondering: Do I concentrate on my own writing for God, or do I support others in their already established writings?

Or both?

So, Lord...while I'm waiting (don't you just love that song?) I will serve You. If I am never published, still I will serve You. I will serve You by helping spread Your message through the other Christian authors. Thank You, Lord, for this precious ministry.

If I am ever published, I will thank You for that, too. And if I am not? I'm still serving, and I'm loving the research that makes me ever more knowledgeable of Jesus and those who served Him during the first century. I'm in a win-win set of circumstances.
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