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Friday, April 19, 2013

Book Review - INVISIBLE by Ginny Yttrup

Invisible    -     
        By: Ginny L. Yttrup

I seldom give a solid five thumbs up for anything. Usually, the very best is 4.5 thumbs. This book by Ginny Yttrup, though--maybe it should be five wows plus. This is one of those books that will be a forever classic, one you'll remember all your lives.

If you have (or have a loved one who has) ever suffered from being overweight, anorexia, or depression caused by deaths, you will be amazed at the insights into these life-stealing diseases. I don't know how one person can express the inner thoughts of those suffering so without having "been there." I personally recognize one--and sometimes two--of the characters as myself. I, too, wanted to fade into the scenery.

There are four principal characters inside Invisible. One is Ellyn, Chef and Owner of one of the many excellent restaurants on the Mendocino Coast. She loves butter and hates Earl, the inner voice that accuses her of being (shudder) fat and foolish, one no man in his right mind would want for anything other than a casual friend.

The next protagonist to be introduced is Twila, a twenty-six-year-old, thin-as-a-rail vegan who works in her mother's health food store. Memories of her father leaving when she was small haunt and threaten her. She has an amazing gift to know what's hurting those around her.

And then there's Sabina, a psychiatrist convinced she caused two girls' deaths--or at least didn't do enough to prevent them. She's come to Mendocino without her husband to stay for maybe a year. She needs to get away from her practice, her life, everything.

Miles is a doctor who semi-retired a few years back with his beloved wife who knew him inside and out and loved him anyway. When she died of cancer she left a hole in his heart the size of an ocean or two. Two years have passed, though, and his wife made him promise to look for another wife. She put her seal of approval on Ellyn, and Miles agrees until...

These four lives meet, collide, and merge, sometimes helping and sometimes hurting each other. As we all do.

You have got to read this novel--but pick a time when it won't matter if you laugh out loud or cry and when you can sleep in the following day, because you'll find it almost impossible to put down.

It's available from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. Click on your favorite book seller.

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