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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review - DEADLY BETRAYAL by Loretta Boyett

Deadly Betrayal

This is the proverbial spine-tingler. Loretta Boyett has done herself proud in this initial book of the Hidden Danger Series.

Alan Knight has a lovely legal aid, Beth Thompson, and he is interested in far more than legal assistance from her. He thinks she might be interested, too (and he is right), but there are some tangles that need to be straightened out before either of them can reveal their feelings for each other.

Like the shady character who gives her a free trip to Fort Lauderdale, ostensibly to look at property. She's frightened when people keep turning up dead around her there. She can't get hold of Alan--no one answers his home, office, or cell phones. She's lost a precious locket--the only link she has to her origins--and it turns up in a dead man's hands. And then there's a woman who looks so much like her.

An evil woman, Priscilla, wants Beth dead. Will she be able to stay out of Priscilla's reach? Will Beth's lookalike beat Priscilla to the punch?

What about the sleazy guy who got her the trip? How can Alan save her when he can't find her?

Maybe you should buy Deadly Betrayal for yourself and find out. It's available at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon--click on your favorite bookstore to go directly to the place where you can purchase the book. Come back tomorrow to this blog to read an interview with Loretta!
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