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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Caught!

How many of you are parents? May I see a show of hands? Yes, that's exactly what I thought--most of you.

Have you felt a moment of pride when you caught your kids doing something neat, like helping another kid or sharing their favorite toys? Do you have any joy in catching them doing something they shouldn't?

Me, neither.

God isn't sitting up there watching to catch you doing something wrong and smash you. He loves catching you in the act of goodness, kindness, or funny acts, just like you do your own children.

How do I know? I felt His laughter over something goofy I did.

Let me go back and paint the picture. I had miscarried a baby several months before. I thought the symptoms I had had (stomach cramps) wcre gas. Now here I was, pregnant again, and worried that I might again misinterpret the same symptoms.

So--I asked God to be sure and let me know that these symptoms were gas. I went through a period of extreme gaseousness--a few weeks during which time it must have been somewhat unpleasant to be anywhere close to me.

That's when it happened. I felt this bubbly laughter, and I realized what I had asked God for. I had this mental picture of God and all the angels rolling on the floor with tears running down their cheeks. I grinned, I giggled--and I asked for relief from the gas instead. And got it.

It's nice to know we get our sense of humor from somewhere holy. Usually.
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