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Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review - AVRA'S GOD by Ann Lee Miller

Cover for 'Avra's God'

Ann Lee Miller has an amazing talent for putting words together to keep a person on the edge of their seats and holding their breath, and Avra's God is no exception. She can put you right into the scenes and characters without any trouble at all.

Avra is a college student with two rowdy younger brothers. She also has a crush on this dreamy guy, Cisco. She has always felt a little gawky--tall and athletic, but definitely non-gorgeous. That's why she's amazed when Cisco flirts with her and practically invites himself to her house for home-baked cookies.

Cisco recognizes that Avra is one high-class young woman, not his typical easy conquests. He treats her with respect. For eight months, and then he wants more than either of them are comfortable with. Abstinence wears thin, and he goes off the edge with another girl. How can Avra forgive that, let alone ever trust him again?

And then there's Kallie, whose father deserted her and her little sister Aly a few years before, leaving her mother for a younger woman. How can she trust her heart to Jesse, a young man who thrives on the adulation of a fan club of teen girls who swoon over his music?

If some of the names sound familiar, you should know this book is a prequel to her previous two books, Kicking Eternity and The Art of My Life. All three books are available from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords, although this one (Avra's God), does not officially release until tomorrow (December 1). Any of the three (or all three) would make terrific Christmas presents.

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