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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fiction - Black Friday Blessing

(continued from November 23)
Jill couldn’t help grinning. He would love this gift. What man wouldn’t?
Even the gift wrap looked manly, a deep blue glossy paper with silvery sparkles in small swirls. She shook it, and the package gave a satisfying jangling protest. Oh, yes, he would love it.
She chuckled. Not too personal, not too impersonal. Just enough to let him know she was a little interested. Not totally into him; no. But she could be with a little encouragement. Would this do the ticket?
She just knew he liked her. A guy wouldn’t invite a woman he didn’t like to an expensive French restaurant, would he, Lord?
Jon pulled up outside the flower shop. Roses, red ones. Women went crazy over flowers, and red roses topped their list of most romantic.
He’d give them to her tonight, pretend to be a little awkward and shy. They went for shy guys, too.
Women were such fools. They deserved what they got.
(continued to the next empty blog day)

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