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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review - PARRISH THE THOUGHT by Catherine Leggitt

Parrish the Thought

Catherine Leggitt, you've gone and done it again. You made me giggle, chew my nails, and boo-hoo like a whiny baby.

Christine Sterling is the nosy neighbor/compassionate do-gooder type, and she keeps getting involved in these murder mysteries. Even little old ladies can't die in peaceful sleep when she's around.

There's that. And then there's the goth teenager, Amber, who disappears and becomes the principle suspect. At least of the police. Christine, on the other hand becomes the principle suspect of the other goths when she starts trying to find Amber.

As usual, everyone is trying to tell Christine to stay out of the investigation--the police, her best friend, and her long-suffering husband, Jesse. But does she?

Silly question. Of course not.

The big question is, will she survive her snooping--er, sleuthing? The Good Lord only knows, and He ain't telling. Neither will Catherine. At least not until the end of the book.

Catherine Leggitt's latest escapade is available for order from Christianbooks, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

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