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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book Review - THE DUNN DEAL by Catherine Leggitt

The Dunn Deal

I knew when I read Catherine Leggitt's first book, Payne and Misery, that I would have to read the next one. I love a good mystery, especially if it's wrapped in humor. The Dunn Deal definitely didn't disappoint. (Yes, I like alliteration, too, if it's not over-dunn.)

In The Dunn Deal, Christine Sterling, housewife and snoopy--uh, I mean curious--best friend of Zora Jane Callahan cannot believe that Zora Jane's wonderful son-in-law could be guilty of cheating on his wife, getting mixed up in drugs, and suicide. A fine, upstanding young father and husband, Sheriff's deputy Baxter Dunn attended church regularly with his family, came home for dinner every night, helped put the children to bed.

He just wasn't the type of person who would cheat or do drugs. And the sheriff's office didn't seemed all that concerned. It seemed his own co-workers had turned against him.

It was just too much to ask that a good friend would not step in and help, so it's Christine to the rescue. Much to the dismay of her long-suffering husband Jesse who just wants to keep his snoopy--ah, investigative wife out of trouble. And to the irritation of the ones in the sheriff's office responsible for getting to the bottom of the mystery--sorta. And to the perpetrators, needless to say.

After you read this, remind yourself over and over, "Do not try any of these thing at home."

The Dunn Deal and the rest of Christine's books are available on Christianbook, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

OR! Catherine Leggitt has promised to sign and send one Dunn Deal to one lucky commenter. (US only)

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