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Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review - AT TABLE WITH THE LORD by E.G. Lewis

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For those of you who might be reading or writing Biblical fiction, this find might be a must. I recently read a novel with Biblical characters (no, I'm not going to say the name of the book or author) that mentioned having potato pancakes for breakfast.

Um, potato pancakes? Potatoes originated in South America and use of them didn't spread abroad until the sixteenth century. You really need to check your facts, folks, even for fiction. Poetic license only goes so far. That little faux pas jerked me right out of the story. After that I questioned every piece of history in the book, every comma and quotation mark.

Since I am writing first century historical fiction, I want to be sure of the foods I mention. Among other reference books, I bought an e-book by E. G. Lewis. The book not only listed types of food available and where each could be found in the first century, but also recipes. How cool is that?

This book is such a find that I would recommend it to anyone looking for similar information--and/or old recipes. Thank you, E.G. Lewis.

The only place I found this book was on Amazon.
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