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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Is My Story - Kendra LaLonde

Today's story comes to us from Kendra LaLonde, a young and aspiring writer, member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Kendra: When I was five years old I made a profession of faith, but my life and attitude and actions didn't change. But when I was twelve, I really became a Christian. It was at a Christian bilingual camp, and the testimonies and preaching that week just really touched me. 

My dad was one of the preachers that week, so he was also there. During one of our cabin devotion times, I realized how much I truly needed a Savior. The Savior. I'm only a little ashamed to admit that I kept it all a secret from my dad until the evening service that night. I wanted to surprise him with this news - to make it sort of special. I should have known that it would have been special no matter what.
Then, when I was eighteen, I had a TBI (Trauma Brain Injury). It's a sort of stroke that happens due to a congenital disconnect in the brain. I went into a coma, and then I was unconscious to semi-conscious. Those two conditions put together lasted about three years. 

It will have been ten years in February of next year since it happened, and I'm at about eighty to ninety percent of myself. My life has been drastically altered, as has my behavior and mentality. But PRAISE GOD I'm still here! 

I've wanted to write books for the Lord since I was sixteen, and I haven't given up on that hope. I may even have more to write about now. I'm twenty-eight and have plenty of time for writing, since I can't get a "normal" job.

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