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Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Morning Devo - Beside the Still Waters

Psalm 23:2B - "He leadeth me beside the still waters."

The Lord often chose common, everyday things to create pictures of Himself. It's easy to see Him as a shepherd tending His sheep, carrying one of His lambs.

Sheep don't really like running water--possibly because of their thick, heavy coats, God put within them a caution against moving water, which would be more likely to drown them.

"A pastoral scene" instantly brings to mind peaceful nature at it's best--perhaps a sunrise over misty hills, an emerald green pasture, cattle or sheep grazing beside a lake, meadowlarks singing from the trees, a hawk soaring far overhead.

A place of serenity. A place where we'd all love to pull up a log and sit in the cool shade. A place with God where we could sit and talk for hours.

Maybe we'd talk about the sheep or the sunrise or the birdsongs. He might gently remind me of the time I reacted with anger and how to handle it differently next time. I might ask Him to touch one family member or a friend with healing. We'd laugh over the antics of one of the children.

Peaceful, senene. The calm that helps us weather the storms.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for those peaceful times that give us relief from the hurry-scurry of life. The time of respite before the next storm. A time for strengthening and building our relationship. Thank You, Lord.
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