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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review - THE DELIVERER by Kathi Macias

I've been impressed with Kathi Macias's writing for years, but this might be my favorite of the whole lot. Kathi is a prolific Christian writer, as you'll find out when you click on any of the links below or the link on Kathi's name above.

If you haven't read the first two of the series (Deliver Me from Evil and Special Delivery), you might want to get them and read them first. This ones concludes the story of Mara, a girl placed into sexual slavery by her tio (uncle). In the first book, she is rescued by Jonathan and his sister and a friend.

Mara finds herself attracted by Jonathan, but feels unworthy of him. She pushes his attentions away.

Jonathan wants to get better acquainted with her, too, but two things stop him: Mara doesn't act interested in him, and she is not a Christian. And then there's Sarah, Jonathan's sister's friend who has such a crush on him.

Across town, a small girl named Lawan arrives in a strange country with a strange language to the home of her sister, Mali--oh, no, her name is Anna now. Mali-Anna calls the adults Mom and Dad, but Lawan doesn't think she will ever be able to do that. She, too, has been a victim of heartless people who prey on children.

Kathi's ability to weave two tales together to create a lovely tapestry excels in this book, the third in her Freedom Series. It's available at,, and Barnes and Nobel as well as many of the Christian book stores around.

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